Observations on the State of this Planet

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness seem to have taken a backseat to corporate politics bureaucracy, to the greed of those whom are at the reins of these corporations and governments. The need for a new world order seems apparent. That which is obvious to some is often quite hard to comprehend for others. Especially those whom are in power, those whom have extreme wealth and those whom are in a position of bourgeois repose. How shall we decide, as a people, what this will actually look like, what it shall be?

Merging history with technology, the internet empowers we-the-people, to become citizens of internet based governments. As internet citizens, we then have the right to become ambassadors for change on this planet, no matter our heritage, our geographic position nor our financial status. For the people, by the people and of the people. For real this time.

If we are to supercede these deprecated and often illegal governments, the kind of non-violent participation advocated by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. shall be required to create definitive change in real-world terms. Odd as it may seem, the solution for capitalism is capitalism. Nothing short of the outright purchase of the very system which has us enslaved shall set us free. It is only fitting that we the people use this financial tool to mold the world into a better place for the we the people.

The actions by which we transmute this planet into a place where people may live free lives, where we may have a balance of the lives of ancient humans combined with the benefits of the technologies we have developed as a people, shall require a massive unified effort by the people. A complex idea and a complex solution may be required to achieve such goals. Many people have yet to even acknowledge the problem as it exists, let alone begin to wrap their minds around the solution. From my perspective, Internet-Based Government Choices are a crucial step towards the liberation of human beings from a history of oppression, domination and enslavement of those unfortunately not born into the ruling class. There is a solution for us, as a people, to secure a brighter future.