The Water Movement, a solution to Global Climate Change

It seems like there ought be a better solution to Global Climate Change than simply recycling, driving some lame hybrid or riding a bike everywhere one goes. Planting trees, purifying the water and generating clean, renewable power all help. Well, what about planting a whole lot of trees and generating clean water and clean power at the same time? Enter The Water Movement.

This project has as a goal, nothing less than the greening of the Sahara and Gobi deserts over the next 50 years. I would love to see a desert preserve as opposed to a wetlands preserve. To create a space for life to exist on this planet where at present there is but death, is the greatest gift we can leave to our children and to the planet as a whole.

That is all fine and good to simply write and publish.... What does it mean insofar as our behavior in this real world? It shall require a construction project on a scale not yet seen on this planet, though we have the technology to do this. We have got to stop fighting amongst ourselves in order for this to be truly succesful. This concept requires the foundation of an entire civilization in the desert. The employment of millions of people in a harsh and unforgiving climate is but the beginning of a brave new world. The planting of hundreds of millions of plants, mosses and other beneficial species shall be the task, directing the flow of water to rehabilitate our planet.

If you agree with this concept and believe you have something to add, send an email to watermomentum (at) gmail (dot) com. We would love to hear thoughts on this crucial matter. This is a project that may well need every human being on the planet in order to be succesful, so feel free to contact us.

A brighter future is on the horizon, with each day's rising sun, we could be creating a better world, a planet more equipped to handle rising population. The chief mechanical engineer for this project has made it clear that in order to build a reasonably effective prototype, we need to raise approximately $23,400. The resulting device should able to allow a person to go down to the edge of any body of water with ample sunshine, begin to produce purified water and electrical power.
We'll create what happens.